traditional | medi | gelato


fountain bistro



A delicate, chocolate cake with a warm lava center (Please allow additional time

to prepare and serve)


Rum and coffee soaked lady fingers layered with mascarpone custard and whipped cream


Tangy, creamy Key lime filling a golden graham cracker crust topped with raspberry drizzle and fresh lime


Medi dessert-shredded filo dough stuffed with cheese and soaked with syrup


Four pieces of deep-fried filo dough stuffed with cheese in sugar syrup


Traditional dessert made of phyllo pastry, filled with finely chopped nuts and soaked in honey


Ask your server for today’s special

Fountain Bistro has over 15 high quality tobacco flavors to try and enjoy as part of your experience. Hookahs are available for outdoor patrons and will be brought to your table anytime you request.