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fountain bistro

sushi apps + rolls


Miso broth with nori strips, mushrooms, scallions and Tofu


Marinated seaweed garnished with ginger, sesame in citrus or spicy


Cucumber and krab salad marinated in sweet sushi vinegar


Sesame seared tuna seasoned with togarashi, served with house ponzu and scallions


Cucumber salad, assorted seafood and Japanese special sauce


Diced Ahi tuna mixed with diced cucumbers, scallions, avocado, wasabi and fresh lime


Marinated squid salad in Japanese vinaigrette


House salad topped with avocado and ginger dressing

Slice of cucumber and krab meat and house ponzo sauce

House salad with ginger dressing


Steamed soybeans lightly salted with sea salt


Nigiri with rice and Sashimi without rice


Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, whitefish and shrimp (5pc)

Tuna, salmon and yellowtail (9pc)


(5pc, chef choice + Cali roll) Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, whitefish and shrimp


(Nigiri 2pc / Sashimi 3pc add $1)

Maki (seaweed) + Urumaki (rice)


House spicy tuna mix, cucumber, and  habanero masago

Krab, avocado and cucumber


Smoked salmon and cream cheese


Tempura shrimp, avocado and masago

Eel and cucumber drizzled with eel sauce


Fried grouper, green onion and spicy may


Grilled chicken, cucumber and carrots with house sauce

Fried salmon skin, cream cheese, jalapeno, drizzled with sriracha, and spicy mayo


Fried salmon skin, cream cheese, jalapeno, drizzled with sriracha, and spicy mayo



fountain bistro

speciality + combos


Krab, cream cheese, daikon, topped with avocado, house dynamite, spicy mayo, eel sauce, tempura flakes and seasoned tobiko


Cream cheese, krab, tempura shrimp, cucumber, topped with tuna, salmon and avocado


Eel, cucumber, cream cheese, krab stick topped with smoked salmon and avocado


Cali roll topped with fresh Ahi, salmon, Hamachi and avocado


Shrimp tempura, avocado and cucumbers topped with krab stick, drizzled Sriracha, eel sauce and spicy mayo


Eel, cucumber, tempura crunch topped with avocado and drizzled eel sauce


Soft shell crab, krab stick, asparagus, cucumber and masago, topped with spicy mayo


Lobster and cucumber deep fried with Fountain sauce (12pc)


Tuna, crab, lemon slices, green onions topped with jalapeño and ponzu sauce (no rice)


Cali roll topped with fresh tuna


Mexican roll and eel, drizzled with eel sauce and tempura crunch


Shrimp tempura, asparagus, cream cheese topped with baked salmon, jalapeños, drizzled house sauce and spicy mayo


Double Panko with snow crab, salmon, cream cheese, asparagus and avocado (8pc)


Krab stick, salmon and cream cheese, deep fried and topped with Fountain sauce (7pc)


Snow crab, cucumber, avocado, krab stick, deep fried and topped with spicy mayo (12pc)


Grouper, cream cheese and asparagus, deep fried and topped with Fountain sauce (10pc)


Ebi, red pepper, asparagus, topped with seared steak and ahi, garnished with scallions, served with our house ponzu (12pc)


Fountain roll, rainbow roll, tiger roll, nigiri app, escolar nigiri, yellowtail sashimi, smoked salmon sashimi, krab sashimi

Tuna sashimi, escolar sashimi, salmon sashimi, yellowtail sashimi, shrimp nigiri, krab nigiri, smoked salmon nigiri, eel nigiri


California roll, Tampa roll, spicy tuna roll, rainbow roll, tuna sashimi, yellowtail sashimi, eel nigiri, shrimp nigiri


Sashimi tuna, salmon, yellowtail, Fountain, tiger, fried dynamite, DI tempura and southern fried


Nigiri appetizer, super Fountain, spider, caterpillar, red dragon, dark dragon and southern fried



*Contains raw or undercooked animal food.



Fountain Bistro has over 15 high quality tobacco flavors to try and enjoy as part of your experience. Hookahs are available for outdoor patrons and will be brought to your table anytime you request.

sushi menu

Apps | Nigiri | Sashimi | Maki

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